Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Fashion : Cowboy Style

I'm trying old-fashioned with some new make over to make it look more suitable to be wore at campus. I call it cowboy style because the point of the shirt is tied and I also wore another T-Shirt inside of it. I wore soft jeans, it is skinny jeans with more gently fabric. And I perfect my style by wearing platform shoes as usual to look more stunning. I did some messy up do as the hair do. Wanna try? Try it to campus and each eyes will be nailed on you.

My Mom's Brown Plaid Shirt + 9gag Shirt (Pyrostore)

Ninety Degrees - Skinny Soft Jeans

Garvino Shoes (Platform)

Messed Up Hair - Front

Messed up ponytail

Just messed up your hair

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dark Party!

I'm wearing a mask
Actually my campus held an occasion for new students and it's called #Ecophoria. Each class have to dress according to majority decision and my class decide to style within theme "Dark Party". In this theme, we should wear little black dress or other black suits and we have to wear a mask. So, I dress like this for this special occasion.