Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ow! These are My Project

In my other blog, I've told that I have a project of writing with Abbas Aditya. Nah! I'll show you the two projects which is still in progress. And I actually do my own project that I have no courage enough to show it off.

First called Dear Parents, it's a compilation of several writer who write the story about parents and some stuff like that. Hatred, anger, love, lost and any other feelings which you usually feel to your parents.

That book contains usual anthology, short stories. That book is also the first collaboration between me and abbas. I hope this book will be coming soon by the end of the year, exactly at Mother's Day in 22 December. I love my writing there, that was my true story.

The second is unusual one, flash fiction. Flash fiction is a really really short story, it consists of 300-1000 words or only 1-3 pages. We have to write minimum 8 fictions.

After a year and have been distracted by any other ideas, finally I could finish my first project that titled "Dilemma" this is the first 100 pages novel. And I'd like to sent this to the publisher. I hope, it will go well as I wish.

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