Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who Wear Best?

From AllKpop

Celebrities wearing the same outfits–You’ve seen it before.
Recently, Miss A‘s Suzy, actress Park Ha Sun and Seo Woo were caught wearing the same one-piece dress on different occasions.
This particular dress is a product of J brand and one of its special features is the v-neck, white-black collar that reminds you of those Korean/Japanese school uniforms worn by young girls, a sailor outfit, or even a sailor moon costume.  Due to this cute design, the dress can make the wearer look younger and more innocent.  In addition, the outfit also contains a broad black belt that clinches at the waist, giving off the illusion of a slimmer waistline.
Suzy was last seen wearing this outfit during the broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘, while actress Park Ha Sun sported the dress during an episode of “High Kick 3“.  Lastly, Seo Woo wore the dress during a scene in SBS‘ weekend drama, “If Tomorrow Comes“.
One-piece dresses are perfect for the spring season due to their comfort and fresh look.  The three women certainly rocked the outfits well, but if you had to choose, who wore it best?

Source + Photos: News En via Nate
If I could choose the one who wore the best dress below. I'll choose the middle one.

Because, I thought between hairdo, face, the chemise and the look She's got it. I mean, She's look more cute, younger, and that look is match appropriate well.
I usually praise Suzy and her fashion, but at this time I dislike hers. Her hairdo just like She doesn't prepare it well. Her face looked pale like unwell person too. And at the right side, not looked younger but she's looked older than She has to. Those outer wear disturb the dress, It doesn't mixed well and I hate it.
So I'll give Park Ha Sun the Most cutest girl wore this dress. Good Job!

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