Monday, April 16, 2012

Dream High and Dream High 2 Comparison

It seems a little late to make a post about the comparison of these school kids Drama series. Understandably, after January 2012 and officially released this drama, I was hunting the file about two months later. And today has just finished watching the drama finish. I hope this drama will be broadcasted on TV soon. For High Dream lovers, of course each has their own opinion about the dominance of which are better? Well, in the opinion I have High Dream is still the winner! Come on, let's check the comparison.

In terms of players:
High Dream players really rookie, but Taecyeon, Eun Jung, and Soo Hyun who is more talented in acting. And initially, I did not feel interested at all to follow this drama. Eh, after watching episode 1 even addictive. Acting of the players on the Dream High is very natural and very fitting selection of players, although most of them is a rookie. And calculation of scores of acting players here I give 8. And at first anyway, after seeing the first episode I was instantly searching and probe further about the players. I think the impact on the popularity of this drama is very significant player * for me who just focus on SMent *

While the Dream High 2 less players give the impression of curiosity. Or because I've been following the news? Equally rookie, but the selection of players are less fit, less lost interest and impress anyone acting in vain Dream High 2 because their role is not too much. Or trivial language, the distribution of rations acting scene and I think less flat. The story is over just flashed on the main character, and cast side completely ruled out. Are able to act naturally and really make emotions are Jiyeon and Kang Sora. Their role grab the audience's emotion really anyway. I give score 7.5 for the players.

In terms of plot:
High Dream story is simple and seems easy to guess. The issue of love is also easy to predict. Unlike the Dream High 2 who story seem spontaneous and guesses from the audience could be wrong. However, each has its own strengths. In High Dream what makes it interesting in this regard is the simplicity of the story is presented, the competition who very strong aura and romance issues of interest to follow, and each character also figures strongly into the power of Dream High, which until now I still dominant in than the Dream High 2.

In addition to spontaneous, Dream High 2 more filled with comedy, so do not look serious and 'heavy' like Dream High. Love story is more complex and hanged, the thing that makes the audience wonder and less sense the climax of the character's love story, between Hye Sung with JB, JB with Rian, Hye Sung Jin Yoo, Yoo Jin or with Rian. The character was less prominent than the Dream High. There is a peculiarity who makes the audience can not distinguish between the main characters, which supporters of this particular character in the character of boys. If the Dream High is clear that the main character is Sam Dong Song, the Dream High 2 we do not know, whether it is Yoo Jin or JB? I am disappointed and a little make Yoo Jin is supposed to be paired with Hye Sung, Sung Hye not with JB, but that's the surprise, we would guess that would be with Hye Jin Yoo Sung but apparently not.

Dream High 2 is also less clear in describing each character's dream, who dream which actually Rian? Hye Sung is where dreams really? at least, in achieving the dreams and struggles, is still good for Dream Dream High High is really presents 'How to reach the dream is actually tight competition and achieve our dreams'.

Ending, again hanging. Is this a sign that there will be 3 High Dream?

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