Monday, February 11, 2013

Special for Harris :)

Hello Harris Risjad, you know you're the most charming guy I've ever imagine.
Ris, I know maybe I cannot reach you or even I cannot be yours. You have your only one love and it's Keara. It feels hurt, but I don't feel hurt because I think if I really love you, I must let you go. If I really love you then I have to be happy when you're happy. Unfortunately, your happiness is not me.

Harris, maybe I just can imagine you. You come over my dreams every night and I can touch you in every dreams I have for you. Just dreaming, and it's enough Ris.

I often feel like this, one sided love. Now, my love to you is also the same. It's just dream, one sided and never become true. Even you're naughty, you banged Keara or you're the badass, I don't give any shit Ris. For me, loving you doesn't need any reasons to tell how deep this feeling for you. I wish you're the other half that I looking for, but I'm afraid of expecting too much. Now, you may laugh Ris. Your laughing even it's sounds sarcastic it means that I've already make you smile. You know Ris, your smile is really astonishing me.

I don't expect you're blushing when you read this but I hope you understand how I feel upon you.
Kiss and hug my imaginary crush.
I love you and I wish you're really happy with K.

Regards, your imaginary admirer.

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