Friday, February 1, 2013


Good morning February, most people told me that February is an affection month, love month or something like that. I don't think so because I already had love every month without exception. February, pink month they said and it would be lovable they said. I don't think so, February is the shortest month and it means that I have to work harder this month.

When people made their monthly wish, so do I. It doesn't mean that I'm wishing something to the month but It's exactly I write down what stuffs I will reach during February. Several people give shit of it and misunderstand the meaning of #FebuaryWish is. So, I'm gonna start my wishes this month and I actually hardly want them to become true. I must!
  1. Try new business challenge, such as being reseller for Online Shop
  2. Be more dilligent, in praying also studying
  3. Save more money! It must!
  4. Re-Open my old business, being the electronic phone voucher agent
  5. More active blogging
And I've arranged my own regular cost in February and those costs make me feel so confused.  Where do I get money? Oh God Why?
  • Electric voucher for all of my phone : 25k + 50k + 15k = 90k
  • Monthly facial : 100k (plus the medication 140k)
  • Cinema's budget : 50k (I have to pay my friend, it's my promise)
  • Hang out budget : 100k (I want to ask them to join karaoke)
  • All cost are : 380k, meanwhile I just get 400k and Will I save just 20k?
  • Plus I have to repair my phone T^T, at least it will cost 100k
And above you can see my last semester's score. I don't really excited of it because it still can't be the #1 of my class. I'm very regretful of my "Pengantar Bisnis" score, it only C! Because of fucking scumbag lecturer. I promise I'll repair my score in this even semester! I must get at least 3.7 GPA!


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