Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jiyeon and Qri's Acting in Lovey Dovey MV

Here, in my post today I would like make some comparison between Qri and Jiyeon's acting.
I give 7 score for Qri, She's tried hard but I think the result on this MV is not as excellent as jiyeon's did in Cry Cry. In this final part MV, Jiyeon act again and whoooaaa~ try to guess, She's so total and I give her Outstanding score. Love Jiyeon's part :D
Have enjoy for this comparison readers :DPhotobucketStaring at SomeonePhotobucketBloody ScenePhotobucketCool PosePhotobucketCrying for her ahjusshiPhotobucketLosing and regrettingPhotobucketCool style 2PhotobucketWho's the coolest?Photobucket Jiyeon's sadPhotobucket Jiyeon's dyingPhotobucket Compare with PhotobucketPhotobucket So Cool!

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